Mark Stopa Fraud

Mark Stopa Fraud

Mark Stopa Running

Is Mark Stopa Running a New Partition Foreclosure Surplus Scam?

Is Unindicted Fraudster Mark Stopa Running A New Scam? Is He The Mastermind Behind The New Partition Foreclosure Surplus Scams Ravaging Florida?

The inaction by the inept Florida Bar is only breeding more Mark Stopa copycats and new scams.

Fraudster Attorneys all over Florida are starting to file bogus foreclosure frauds on the court to cash in like Stopa.

You only need to look at Seminole County  Case #: 23CA-2678.

This is the newest version of Mark Stopa’s surplus scam that is now spreading across Florida like wildfire.

It is called the “Partition Foreclosure” and it is a much cleaner scam than what Stopa originally fabricated. strongly believes Stopa is behind this new scam working with Tampa area Attorney and Stopa apprentice Derek Carrillo – Bar # 111919.

Is The Florida Bar Investigating Derek Carrillo And His Partition Foreclosure Surplus Scam?

The Florida Bar needs to take a very serious look into what Attorney Derek Carrillo is doing. Let’s face it, Carrillo knows what he is doing is shady. Carrillo is also giving Florida lawyers a bad name.

There appears to be clear collusion on the part of Carrillo and three unrecorded trust owners to commit fraud on the Seminole County foreclosure court. Why? They want to trick auction buyers into overbidding on the property.

But there is a risk to the owners.  Partition foreclosures normally have very small monetary judgment amounts to cover fees and costs so the owners have no control over the final bid amount.  This means the home could literally sell for a few thousand dollars.

So what you typically see in a partition foreclosure surplus scam is fraudulent shill bidding.   You have one or two shill bidders who keep bidding the price up until the co-conspirator owners are satisfied with the amount.

This is foreclosure auction fraud!

The Florida Bar and the Florida Attorney General need to investigate this immediately.

This is becoming a HUGE problem in Florida. It’s all thanks to Mark Stopa. Stopa is becoming known as the Godfather of Foreclosure Surplus Scams.

The Florida courts wouldn’t be such a circus if the Florida Bar and Florida Supreme Court stopped Stopa in 2019.

How the Partition Foreclosure Surplus Scam Works

Mark Stopa’s “equitable lien” foreclosure surplus scam involved two of his alter ego shell companies. They colluded together to fabricate a fake debt on a property he already owned. The purpose was to deceive a judge into imposing an equitable lien against the property which was then foreclosed.

The purpose was to conceal the underlying mortgage on the negative equity property. He did that to trick novice auction buyers into overbidding on the property. Thus, creating a large surplus.

This scam is clever but it is very complicated and not as clean as a Partition foreclosure.

With the equitable lien scam, Stopa is lying and alleging there is an unpaid debt by one of his alter ego shell companies. A lot of things can go wrong. The biggest risk is that the Judge actually reads the complaint then requires Stopa to provide proof of the debt. This would kill the scam dead in it’s tracks because Stopa cannot provide because it is all fabricated.

Quite honestly, is shocked that Stopa and his cabal of criminal attorneys were able to pull off all their equitable lien foreclosure scams.

The filings are sloppy and blatantly fraudulent. The only way for to go through is if the judge didn’t review the file. If the Judge had actually read the complaint, they would have discovered the collusion. Thus, putting an end to the scam.

Believe it or not, most Florida Judges don’t read court files. This is how Stopa gets away with scams. He banks on the fact the Judge will not read the file.

How Partition Foreclosure Surplus Scams Are Different

With a “partition foreclosure”, there is no debt. This makes the scam look clean and very easy to trick judges.

Judges see the case as a simple dispute among owners. As a result, they sign the foreclosure judgment since there is no monetary judgement.

The gist of the Partition foreclosure is the multiple owners have a DISPUTE which they cannot resolve.

They can’t agree on anything. One owner usually wants to sell. Yet, the others do not. As a result, the one disgruntled owner hires an attorney to file a partition foreclosure to force the sale of the property.  

The KEY ELEMENT with a partition foreclosure is that the parties CANNOT AGREE TO RESOLVE THE DISPUTE. Therefore, they are asking a Judge to grant a partition foreclosure judgment to force the sale of the property.

There was no dispute with this Seminole County property as all the owners had already listed it on the market for sale.

Seminole County 23CA-2678 Partition Foreclosure Scam Timeline

Let’s reconstruct the timeline so you can understand the fraud shall we?

January 19, 2022:    An investor purchased the home at 2938 Egrets Landing Dr., Lake Mary, FL through an HOA lien auction for $36,000 subject to a first mortgage with an unpaid principal balance of $238,469.

Seems like a good deal as the home is worth approximately $425,000.  A regular market sale should net about $130,000 in profit.   Great deal.

February 4, 2022:   As soon as the Certificate of Title was issued, the investor transferred the ownership for $100 to three separate owners to apparently intentionally complicate and confuse the title ownership of record.

All the owners are offshore unrecorded trusts.

1st Owner:   Egrets Landing at Lake Mary Association One LLC   (intentional deception to appear as an HOA to trick auction buyers)

2nd Owner:  Seminole Holdings One Trust  (unrecorded trust with secret owners located in Seminole, Florida – close to Mark Stopa)

3rd Owner:  Florida Realty Asset Trust  (unrecorded trust)

February 25, 2022:   The three owners were NOT in dispute.  They all agreed to SELL the property and they listed it for sale on February 25, 2022 for $479,950

April 20, 2023:  Owner #1 Egrets Landing suddenly fabricates a fake disagreement between the three owners and hires Stopa apprentice and fraudster Attorney Derek A. Carrillo (Bar # 111919) to file a Partition Foreclosure lawsuit against the two co-owners Seminole Holdings One Trust and Florida Realty Asset Trust in Seminole Case # 23CA-2678

The Scam Explained. Is Mark Stopa Running It?

The goal of Owner #1 is to have a Judge sign a foreclosure judgment to FORCE the sale of the property.

However, this really doesn’t make any sense as the property was already listed for sale?

In his Complaint, Fraudster Carrillo pleads it is an UNCONTESTED ACTION with NO DISPUTE.

All the parties AGREE.  So why file a partition foreclosure?

In his Partition Foreclosure complaint (which is meant for disputes that cannot be resolved) Carrillo inexplicably pleads that he is representing both the Plaintiffs and Defendants and that all parties consent to the forced sale of the property.

Here is the million dollar scam question the Florida Bar needs to ask Attorney Carrillo WHEN they investigate him:

First – WHY are you representing both the Plaintiff and Defendants?

Second – if all of the owners AGREE to sell the property and the property was ALREADY LISTED FOR SALE,  WHY file a partition foreclosure to have a Judge enter a foreclosure judgment to FORCE the sale of the property?

The smoking gun here is if all parties agree to sell the property and you already have the property listed for sale – you don’t need a Judge to order a partition foreclosure.

Here is the complaint:

Why go through the trouble of filing a partition foreclosure you ask? 

Could it be that just like Stopa, Carrillo is also perpetrating a fabricated fraud on the court to trick auction buyers into overbidding on the property?

The subject property located at 2938 Egrets Landing Dr., Lake Mary, FL was worth approximately $425,000 but it had an existing $238,000 mortgage lien.  In a traditional sale, they might net about $130,000 in profit.

But if they could TRICK a novice auction buyer into missing the underlying $238k mortgage (held in a third party name) and think the foreclosure was just a dispute between owners on a free and clear property, they might stand to earn a lot more.

Which surprise surprise is EXACTLY what happened with an innocent buyer bidding $303,100 on the property subject to a $238,000 mortgage.

How convenient Mr. Carrillo that your unrecorded Trust clients now collect over $300,000 surplus instead of just $130,000 with a traditional retail sale.

Does the partition foreclosure scam make sense now?

Hey Florida Bar…    have one of your young lawyer division skull full of mush interns go read the Seminole County Case file #:  23CA-2678 and then do something before this new Stopa scam gets out of control.

You’ve been put on notice.

The people of Florida are watching…


Let’s also take a moment of silence to remember the Mark Stopa Victims who lost millions to his scam over the last several months:

Over $10 Million STOLEN by Mark Stopa and the Federico Crime Family






This is just a small sample of victims. The Stopa-Federico Crime Family also has dozens of shell companies running the same scam in multiple counties throughout the State of Florida.


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Are You A Victim Of One Of The Stopa-Federico Crime Family Real Estate Or Foreclosure Surplus Scams?   

Are you a former Mark Stopa client who lost their home?  


Click here to contact FDLE today if you are victim of Mark Stopa or have further details about his scams. 

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