Mark Stopa Fraud

Mark Stopa Fraud

Mark Stopa Is Mocking

Mark Stopa Is Mocking Florida AG Ashley Moody And FDLE

Mark Stopa Is Mocking Florida AG Ashley Moody And FDLE! He Just Pulled Off A Stunning 147% Criminal Usury Scam Stealing Over $2.4 Million In Equity on a $4 Million Luxury Home

Mark Stopa Is Mocking
Mark Stopa & Attorney Vestalia Aylsworth Pull Off Stunning 147% Criminal Usury Scam to Steal Over $2.4 Million in Equity

Brazen financial terrorist Mark Stopa is mocking Florida AG Ashley Moody in a new scam. The scam is so egregious that it makes even Joe Gallo or Joe Colombo shake their heads in disbelief. 

Again, is the only alternative media with the courage to continue exposing the ongoing crimes of Mark Stopa.

But we are at a loss for words on this latest Mark Stopa scam.

It was the single largest equity theft in Mark Stopa’s criminal career involving over $2.4 Million in equity stolen on a single deal. It was also pulled off right under the watchful eye of Attorney General Ashley Moody and the Office of the Statewide Prosecutor’s ongoing investigation of the Stopa Federico crime family.

Where is do-nothing Ashley Moody? She likes being on TV giving a rah-rah speech about taking down a $500,000 solar panel contracting scam, all while the Stopa-Federico crime family steals millions from Florida senior citizens.  Stopa is mocking Ashley Moody and literally laughing all the way to the bank.

Mark Stopa Is Mocking Florida AG Ashley Moody: Ashley Moody is MIA

mark stopa is mocking
Why is Florida AG Ashly Moody MIA with the conviction of Mark Stopa?

Where is Florida Attorney General ASHLEY MOODY? She is MIA when it comes to Mark Stopa’s multi-million dollar scam. Why is she allowing disbarred attorney and financial terrorist Mark Stopa to fleece millions of dollars from senior citizens?

Hello Ms. Moody? Are you there? Anyone home?

You just had a retired Florida homeowner lose his $4 Million luxury Bella Collina home and over $2.4 Million in equity as a direct result of Stopa’s usurious 147% criminal loan. This loan should have NEVER seen the light of day in any Florida court room.

Florida Statute 687.071 is very clear that usurious debt is unenforceable. Stopa and his straw lawyer Vestalia Aylsworth rammed this fraud through the Lake County court system. They hoped no one would catch it but we did.

Criminal usury in Florida calls for a prison sentence of 5 years. It is crystal clear. The documents evidencing the debt are contraband. Just holding them in your possession is a crime.

How much more does Florida AG Ashley Moody need to see?   How many more victims need to be ripped off by Mark Stopa?

Arrest Mark Stopa, Adrienne Federico and Vestalia Aylsworth! Put them in prison already! ENOUGH IS A ENOUGH!

How the $2.4 Million Dollar Criminal Usury Scam Worked

Mark Stopa Is Mocking
16639 Arezo Court Bella Collina Mansion Stolen by Mark Stopa and the Stopa Federico Crime Family

The 10,617 sf luxury mansion involved in the $2.4 Million equity theft is located at 16639 Arezo Court, Montverde, FL  34756. The property is located in the exclusive Bella Collina luxury home community in Lake County, Florida.

The homeowner Colin Shakespeare  borrowed $50,000 from a friend with terms stipulating the 2nd Mortgage would incur $6,250 in monthly interest. The 2nd mortgage would be due and payable in 60 days. 

However, Shakespeare failed to pay $62,500 after 60 days due to having a stroke. Unfortunately, the $6,250 monthly interest kept accumulating and the lender friend filed foreclosure in Lake County (Case 19CA-1424). The private lender was seeking to enforce the illegal debt and foreclose the home.

Here is where everything gets spooky weird.  When Shakespeare went searching for a foreclosure defense attorney to help him defend the case, he just happened to unfortunately bump into corrupt Stopa crime family attorney Christopher Hixson. Hixson was working with Consumer Law Attorneys in Clearwater, Florida.

Shakespeare hired Hixson to represent him and apparently the deal was so good – Hixson then tipped off his buddy and financial predator Mark Stopa about the multi-million dollar property in foreclosure. Stopa then fired up the gears of his crime family and crafted a custom scam to steal the home.

Surprise! Surprise! Hixson and Consumer Law Attorneys Drop The Homeowners As Clients

Shortly thereafter, Hixson and Consumer Law Attorneys withdrew from the case defending Shakespeare. Oddly enough, the private lender Plaintiff also dismissed the foreclosure case against the homeowner.

Unindicted Fraudster Mark Stopa Is MockingThen immediately after that, we see Stopa move in for the kill.

He  purchased the $50,000 2nd mortgage from the private lender using his FUGH LLC shell company. An assignment of mortgage is recorded in Book 5785, Page 384, Lake County Official Records.

Stopa then hired his favorite capo and recently suspended lawyer Lee Segal. Segal was senior partner with the now defunct Segal & Schuh Law Group. Stopa had Segal file foreclosure against the homeowner. As a result, Segal filed foreclosure seeking to enforce the illegal debt, in August 2021 (Lake County Case #2021CA-1454).

Stopa demanded Shakespeare repay $50,000 in principal plus over $147,500 in monthly interest.

Stopa And Lee Segal Double Down On Sick Homeowner

Segal and Stopa knew the 2nd Mortgage was blatantly illegal but the inept attorney Lee Segal doubled down. He not only sent a brazen demand letter to Shakespeare seeking collection of the illegal usurious debt. He also sought treble damages equal to 3X the debt alleging Shakespeare the borrower was the one who committed a crime.   You have to admire Stopa’s Saul Alinsky tactics.   Accuse your opponent of your very own crimes to confuse and conflate the issue.

As a result, Shakespeare filed a counterclaim against Stopa’s FUGH LLC for criminal usury. He also provided an affidavit and report from a forensic expert that the 147.1774% interest debt was illegal and unenforceable.

In June 2022, Shakespeare discovered that his former attorney Christopher Hixson was also working with Mark Stopa and Lee Segal at Segal & Schuh Law Group the entire time he was representing Shakespeare.  Holy conflict of interest batman!  Shakespeare filed a motion to disqualify Hixson and Lee Segal. As a result, the appalled Judge granted the disqualification of Lee Segal.

Where is the Florida Bar investigating Chris Hixson for this egregious abuse of attorney client privilege?

Undeterred, Stopa quickly replaced Segal with clueless crime family attorneys Ivan Ivanov and Matthew Wolf who continued the enforcement of the illegal debt.

Stopa Begins Palling Around With Accused Pedophile Attorney Robert Tankel 

Robert Tankel
Dirty old man and Stopa Federico Crime Family HOA Attorney Robert Tankel Accused of Being a Pedophile for Molesting a Little Boy.

The criminal usury counterclaim jammed up Stopa’s lawsuit. Stopa had to get a new lawyer and in a hurry.

He quickly figured out a workaround to flank Shakespeare. He began using his pedophile buddy HOA attorney Robert Tankel.

Attorney Robert Tankel is a prominent HOA attorney. Unfortunately, he has a dark side. He was accused of being a pedophile. Prosecutors accused him of molesting a little boy  back in 2015. 

The Tampa Bay Times article states Tankel was accused of “rubbing the little boy’s genital area” at a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game.

Tankel was arrested and held without bond.  At Tankel’s hearing, Officer Justin Murray testified that he interviewed the victim who told him that the lawyer inappropriately touched the boy twice at that baseball game. The first incident allegedly happened while they were sitting in the stands.

“Bob was sitting next to him,” Murray said. “Bob reached over and rubbed his upper thigh underneath his shorts.”

Murray said the boy told him the second incident happened while they were leaving the stadium.

“He stood next to Bob,” he said. “Bob rubbed his penis… with his hand over his clothes.”

and then “he pinched his butt and it felt like electricity.”


These are the kind of people Stopa pals around with. 

What is it with all these gay pedo lawyers in the Tampa Bay area?  You have Mark Stopa batting both ways and taking it up the one way canal, his gay pal Jake Blanchard and Steven Cozzi (who Stopa had unalived for talking to the FDLE ) and now accused pedophile Bob Tankel with a fetish for little boys?

WTF??? Yes, Tankel Is An Accused Pedophile

Tankel is also a corrupt scumbag real estate lawyer. He provides distressed HOA lien leads to shitbag attorneys like Mark Stopa. Why? So they can steal homes from distressed homeowners.

Tankel and Stopa share the same criminal defense attorney Todd Foster. 

Stopa’s criminal lawyer Todd Foster also defended Tankel against the charges of molesting the little boy.   (See Pedo-Bob’s Mugshot here)

Foster was able to get the charges dropped because Tankel argued it was cold that day and he just wanted to keep the little boy warm.   

By rubbing the little boy’s penis Bob?    Really?

It seems when attorneys in the Stopa Federico crime family get CAUGHT, they always call Todd Foster.  Todd Foster is the “fixer” of crimes.   And there is no crime too egregious for Todd Foster to take on.   Even molesting little boys.

Any HOA in Florida that is currently using corrupt Robert “Bob” Tankel as their counsel of record needs to FIRE HIS ASS IMMEDIATELY.   

Send this sick son of a bitch to the welfare line where he belongs.

Accused Pedophile Attorney Goes to Bat For Stopa!

Robert Tankel
Dirty Old Man and Stopa Federico Crime Family HOA Attorney Robert Tankel Accused of Being a Pedophile for Molesting a Little Boy

As it turned out, Shakespeare was also behind on $28,000 in HOA assessments. However, he was in the process of negotiating a repayment plan with the HOA board.

Pedo-Bob was the HOA Attorney for the Bella Collina Property Owner’s Association so Stopa saw an opportunity to complete the steal. He convinced the accused pedophile to lobby the Bella Collina board to deny the repayment plan and instead file foreclosure to collect the assessments.   

The board agreed and in June 2022, Tankel, acting on behalf of the Bella Collina HOA filed foreclosure against Shakespeare (Lake County Case #2022CC-2971). A final judgment of foreclosure was later entered against Shakespeare for $28,508.23

Shakespeare requested a written payoff. Unfortunately, Tankel tipped off Stopa that Shakespeare was trying to pay the debt.

Stopa knew Shakespeare would most likely pay the HOA so he concocted another scheme to defraud and obstruct Shakespeare from paying the debt so he could steal the home.   Stopa conspired with Tankel to convince the corrupt Bella Collina board of directors to go along with the scheme. The three HOA board members they roped in were Drew Gunkel, Jeremy Spry and Dennis Kelleher.

Stopa used Tankel to arrange to purchase the HOA foreclosure judgment then have it assigned to his alter ego shell company FUROSE LLC.  FUROSE is “proxy managed” by corrupt crime family Attorney Vestalia Aylsworth.

Stopa Self Convicts Himself Ipso Facto By Accepting Payment in Full for the 147% Usurious Debt

Stopa knew he had to act fast after purchasing the HOA Final Judgment through FUROSE LLC. He knew Shakespeare could pay off the debt.  This is exactly what Shakespeare requested in writing from Aylsworth as the manager of FUROSE LLC. Stopa instructed Aylsworth to stall and refuse to give Shakespeare a written payoff. In other words, Stopa didn’t want Shakespeare to pay off the debt and obstructed his efforts to do so.

Mark Stopa Is MockingShakespeare then filed an affidavit in the foreclosure case that FUROSE LLC and Aylsworth refused to provide him payoff figures.

Stopa knew he had to act fast again. The multi million dollar steal was slipping away from him.

Then his inner-Satan gave him a brilliant idea. Stopa commanded Aylsworth to payoff the underlying usurious 2nd Mortgage in full. Stopa sent $197,500 of his own money to Aylsworth’s trust account. He then instructed her to wire it back to him care of Ivanov & Wolf. Another crime family law firm who represented FUGH LLC.

Acting for the benefit of Mark Stopa and using Mark Stopa’s money, Aylsworth then wired $50,000 in principal plus $147,500 in usurious interest back to Mark Stopa under his alter ego FUGH LLC to make it look like some unrelated third party company satisfied the illegal mortgage note.

The truth was Mark Stopa sent the money to Aylsworth’s trust account and then acting under Mark Stopa alter ego FUROSE LLC, Aylsworth just wired the same money back to Mark Stopa under his alter ego FUGH LLC being represented by brain dead crime family attorneys Ivanov & Wolf. 

This is wire fraud and money laundering.   (are you paying attention yet Ms. Moody?)

Ivanov & Wolf accepted the illicit funds into their law firm trust account thereby indicting themselves as co-conspirators in the multi-million dollar criminal usury scheme to defraud.

What Stopa did next is just unbelievable.    

Since Mark Stopa’s alter ego FUROSE LLC paid off the usurious 2nd Mortgage to Mark Stopa’s alter ego FUGH LLC, Stopa instructed Aylsworth to motion the court in HOA case to amend the foreclosure judgment and add the $197,500 in criminal debt to the $28k HOA foreclosure judgment. By doing this, Stopa cut off Shakespeare’s ability to pay the HOA in order to  save his home.

The total debt ballooned from a $28k HOA judgment to $235,983.23.  In order to save his home, Shakespeare now had to pay off not just the $28,508.23 owed to the HOA but also another $207,475 for the disputed usurious debt owed to FUGH LLC.

In other words, Stopa got Shakespeare in a COURT ORDERED GOTCHA!    (Stopa is brilliant at manipulating Judges to implement his crimes)

In order to save his $4 Million home and $2.4 Million in equity, Shakespeare would be FORCED TO PAY AN ILLEGAL USURIOUS DEBT TO STOPA.

Do you understand what Stopa did here?  By orchestrating the payoff of the usurious mortgage by his alter ego shell company FUROSE LLC – he manipulated the court into ENFORCING the collection of the illegal debt by having a judge amend the HOA foreclosure judgment and add the usurious debt to the original HOA payoff of $28,508.23.  So, in order to save his home, Shakespeare would be FORCED BY THE LAKE COUNTY COURT to PAY AN ILLEGAL DEBT.

This is EXTORTION.   (do we have your attention yet Ms. Moody?)

This is an absolutely diabolically twisted scheme to defraud that only a psychopathic unindicted criminal like Mark Stopa could dream up.   Mark Stopa LAUNDERED illegal debt through a legitimate HOA foreclosure judgment auction sale. 

Shakespeare could not pay that much money. As a result, his $4 million luxury mansion and over $2.4 Million in equity went to foreclosure sale and he lost it all.  

There were no bidders on the HOA Final Judgment for $247,500. So the home was taken back by FUROSE LLC by default and a certificate of title was issued to FUROSE LLC.

Stopa’s alter ego FUROSE LLC thereby completed the fraud and stole over $2.4 Million of Shakespeare’s equity in the home by foreclosing an illegal usurious debt.

Stopa Federico Crime Family Attorneys Guilty Of Criminal Usury. This Is A 3rd Degree Felony

Mark Stopa
Stopa Federico Crime Family Attorneys Involved in 147% Criminal Usury Scam & $2.4 Million Equity Theft

Vestalia Aylsworth knew full well that a debt with an interest rate exceeding 25% per annum is ILLEGAL. She also knew it was NOT ENFORCEABLE in the courts of Florida.

Interest above 45% is criminal usury. The actual promissory note and mortgage documents are considered CONTRABAND!  Just having them in your possession is a crime.

This latest Stopa scheme involved a debt with a 147% annual rate of interest.

Mark Stopa conspired with attorney Vestalia Aylsworth. In addition to several other Stopa Federico crime family attorneys, Christopher Hixson, Robert Tankel, Ivan Ivanov,  Matthew Wolf  and suspended attorney Lee Segal to steal over $2.4 Million in equity on a luxury home by enforcing an illegal usurious mortgage.

They are all criminal felons awaiting Justice. The Florida Bar needs to act and suspend each one of them immediately.


But that is EXACTLY what happened in Lake County, Florida. Mark Stopa operating through his proxy-patsy Vestalia Aylsworth was able to manipulate another clueless judge. Yet, another FRAUD ON THE COURT perpetrated by a group of corrupt crime family attorneys led by Mark Stopa and Vestalia Aylsworth.

All of these corrupt attorneys conspired with disbarred attorney and financial terrorist Mark Stopa to enforce a 147% usurious loan in Lake county court with an unjust foreclosure which ultimately caused the loss of a $4 Million luxury home and theft of over $2.4 Million in equity.

Stopa had no intention of ever letting Shakespeare payoff the debt to save his $2.4 Million in equity and did everything he could to obstruct Shakespeare to guarantee he could not save his home.

This is CRIMINAL RACKETEERING.   (do we have your attention yet Ms. Moody?)

We already know the corrupt Florida Bar won’t do anything to investigate these corrupt attorneys. They don’t want to tarnish their image so they do everything they can to bury the most egregious attorney scams.

If all these attorneys love working with Stopa so much to pull off financial crimes against the public, they should all be disbarred just like Stopa!

When is AG Ashley Moody going To Wake Up And Put An End To Financial Terrorist Mark Stopa?

Here’s an idea…  someone needs to check if Shakespeare’s multi million dollar mansion had solar panels.

Moody seems to really like cases involving solar panels.

Maybe then she will act…

Over $60 Million STOLEN by Mark Stopa and the Federico Crime Family





This is just a small sample of victims. The Stopa-Federico Crime Family also has dozens of shell companies running the same scam in multiple counties throughout the State of Florida.

Are You A Victim Of One Of The Stopa-Federico Crime Family Real Estate Or Foreclosure Surplus Scams?   

Are you a former Mark Stopa client who lost their home?


Click here to contact FDLE today if you are victim of Mark Stopa or have further details about his scams. 

You can also read more about Mark Stopa on

No More Tick Tock, You Dumbass Lying Thief. 

You are now out of time.

Let the show begin


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