Mark Stopa Fraud

Mark Stopa Fraud

psychopath mark stopa

Psychopath Mark Stopa Tried To Assault Another Pinellas Judge

Professional Pro-Se Litigant And Psychopath Mark Stopa Attempted To Assault Another Pinellas Judge Last Month 

psychopath mark stopa
Judge Michael Andrews handled  unhinged Mark Stopa with the coolness of Billy Dee Williams

It was bound to happen again and it did. Psychopath Mark Stopa had an epic meltdown in a Florida courtroom last month.

However, this time he didn’t have a simple temper tantrum or just simply yell at the judge. Stopa decided to propel his psycho behavior into the Twilight Zone of Nuttiness.    

This time he decided to lunge after Judge Michael Andrews.

Rumor has it among courthouse personnel that Judge Andrews maintained his Billy Dee Williams-style coolness and demeanor throughout the whole incident.

Deputies say Judge Andrews didn’t flinch when unhinged Stopa came within 3 feet of Judge Andrews.

He simply brushed off the psychotic disbarred lawyer’s “menacing” behavior with the ease of a Jedi Master. 

Judge Andrews wrote in his revised ruling on October 5, 2023:

“Plaintiff (Stopa) stood up, yelled at the court, insisting that he be allowed to be heard. His actions were clearly menacing. So much so, the court deputy rose from his chair and hurriedly walked toward the Plaintiff. The court was genuinely concerned that Plaintiff was about to be tackled by ’the deputy. This hearing was held in chambers and at the time Plaintiff was no more than three to four feet from the presiding judge, Plaintiff continued to loudly insist on being heard before the court went. any further. At this point, the court asked the deputy to remove the Plaintiff from chambers. The court then cancelled the rest of the hearing. Based on Plaintiff’s actions in court then cancelled the rest of the hearing. Based on Plaintiff’s actions in court and evidence of his behavior in the email chain, the court revoked Plaintiff’s ability’ to retake the Defendant’s deposition.

Judge Andrews’ name may sound familiar if you are a frequent reader of You may recall that Stopa told Judge Andrews to, “grow a pair!” in the earlier email exchange regarding this motion that was being heard.

This isn’t the first time Stopa has gone ape-shit in a courtroom. 

Sheriff Deputies Thwart Psychopath Mark Stopa’s Plan On Assaulting Pinellas Judge Amy Williams

For some odd reason unbeknownst only to only to him, Stopa showed up at Judge Williams’ courtroom in September 2022. Apparently, he wanted to speak to her or her judicial assistant.

Stopa found the court room door was locked. As a disbarred lawyer, Stopa knows Sheriff’s Deputies lock courtroom doors when a judge isn’t in the building. This done for the security of the court staff. It is also done to allow court personnel get work done without interruptions by troublesome pro-se litigants like Stopa.

It turns out, Judge Williams was indeed offsite that day and the hearing was being telephonically. So, why Stopa showed up is anyone’s guess

Stopa began knocking on the locked courtroom door. When no one unlocked the door, Stopa began to get angry. He began yelling and pounding on the door with violent rage demanding to be let in.

Soon, terrified court personnel began calling the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Deputies. As in most counties in Florida, the Sheriff’s Department provide security for the courthouse.

They reported a crazed lunatic was loose in the building and the courthouse went into full lockdown.

Pinellas County Sheriff Deputies Arrive On The Scene As Court Employees Fear For Their Lives

psychopath mark stopa
Crazy Disbarred Attorney Escorted Out of the Pinellas County Courthouse by Deputies

A Pinellas County Sheriff’s Deputy found Stopa talking to himself in an off-limits jury suite. He claimed he was in a telephonic hearing with Judge Williams. He then tried to slam the door on the deputy. However, the quick witted deputy put his foot in the path of the door and blocked it from shutting.

The deputy sensed that Stopa was a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic. After learning of Stopa’s past for violent theatrics and disbarment, the deputy called for back up.

Deputies wanted to avoid an escalation of the situation. Therefore, the deputies waited patiently with their hands on their taser guns until after Stopa finished his call. 

They suspected Stopa had broken into the off-limits room. However, Stopa claimed the door was unlocked. The deputies then reminded Stopa that as a “former lawyer” that he should know jury rooms are off limits to the public and asked Stopa to leave the building. 

As Stopa began walking toward the elevators, Stopa began screaming “YOU DON’T FUCKING INTIMIDATE ME!”

The deputies followed him into the elevators and escorted him out of the building.

As Stopa walked toward the exit of the court house he yelled, “FUCKING ASSHOLES” and spat the floor in the direction of the deputies.

He then exited the building. 

Psychopath Mark Stopa And His Long History Of Crazy Unhinged Behavior

psychopath mark stopa
Is Mark Stopa Crazy Like Charlie Manson? has written about Mark Stopa’s unhinged and sociopathic behavior on multiple occasions. You can read those articles below. However, you don’t have to just take our word for it. Judges across Florida have made public statements about Stopa’s mentally unstable behavior.

Retired Sarasota Judge Nancy Donnellan testified during Stopa’s disbarment hearings that she had Stopa removed from a hearing. It’s the first time she had ever taken such action against an attorney:

“Mr. Stopa became quite loud and extremely difficult,” she said, also by phone. “He persisted in arguing, telling the court how it should be done.”

“Stopa would throw his arms up in the air. He acted strange, very loud, demanding and rude… he was unstable; you never knew what was going to come next.”

Manatee County Judge Thomas Gallen stated to the court:

“If I ruled against his motions, he became very belligerent, making insulting comments to me.” 

Gallen also recalled how Stopa refused to leave the lectern in a 2014 hearing in which Judge Gallen called another case. At that point, the judge said, he ordered Stopa removed from the courtroom

Retired Judge Allen wrote a scathing 60+ page referee’s report about Mark Stopa during his disbarment. Her report it dives right into Stopa’s decade long history of untreated mental illness. On pages 51-52, Judge Allen wrote:

“Respondent (Stopa) clearly has an emotional problem. The Referee finds that this problem may rise to the level of a mental impairment. This potential impairment demonstrates itself in his inability to control his anger and in his exercise of very poor judgment in stressful situations in which he feels he or his client is being wronged by a judge he perceives to be biased. The prior discipline of Respondent in case number SC13-1886 required a mental health evaluation and obtaining any treatment recommended. The Referee was not provided with that prior mental health evaluation.

Respondent’s potential psychological issues, some of which presented during the hearings in this matter, and may include, but are not limited to, narcissism, defensiveness, lack of self-insight, paranoia, and lack of impulse control. Regardless of whether Respondent has a mental impairment, there is no question that Respondent is in need of mental health treatment and, in particular, anger management and impulse control therapy.”

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Mark Stopa Appears

Let’s also take a moment of silence to remember the Mark Stopa Victims who lost millions to his scam over the last several months:

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This is just a small sample of victims. The Stopa-Federico Crime Family also has dozens of shell companies running the same scam in multiple counties throughout the State of Florida.

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