Mark Stopa Fraud

Mark Stopa Fraud

Mark Stopa RICO racket

Stopa RICO Racket Uncovered In Abpaymar Owner Confession

The latest Confession In The Mark Stopa Criminal Investigation Exposes A Major Stopa RICO Racket Involving ABPAYMAR LLC

mark stopa, adrienne federico
Authorities have zeroed in on Abpaymar LLC as the hub of the Stopa-Federico Crime Family

It looks like there is more trouble on the horizon for Mark Stopa. The latest Confession in the Mark Stopa Criminal Investigation exposes a major Stopa RICO Racket involving ABPAYMAR LLC.

In an effort to keep his corrupt, co-CONspirator wife Adrienne FedeRICO from serving prison time, Mark Stopa is now retroactively confessing to all of Abpaymar LLC crimes from over the last decade.

Stopa is now claiming that HE has always been the “shadow-owner” of Abpaymar. Abpaymar is the Family RICO shell company named after his adult children – ABigail, PAYton and MARkus.

Who in their right mind would name a criminal enterprise after their kids? 

Stopa Claims The Stopa RICO Racket Was Operated By His Wife, Adrienne Federico

Stopa’s confession comes despite Stopa DISCLAIMING all interest in Abpaymar during his disbarment proceedings in 2018 and 2019. He also denied any ownership or involvement in any of Abpaymar’s crimes over the last decade when interviewed by authorities. He claimed it all was all his wife, Adrienne Federico. 

Stopa invoked attorney-client privilege maintaining that he was the attorney of record for Abpaymar LLC and he was just representing a client.   A client who happened to be his woke feminist wife Adrienne FedeRICOFederico also refused to take Stopa’s last name so she could help hide and shield her corrupt attorney husband from their crimes. How CONvenient?

Did Dumbass Mark Stopa Just F*CK Himself and His Family?

The Stupid Stopas
Mark and Adrienne are Definitely NOT the Brightest Bulbs in the Box

We all know Mark Stopa is a few fries short of a happy meal. We also know Stopa is not very smart. 

That is why he had his chinese communist gay lover Wei Tu Dum take the bar exam for him.

However, dumbass Stopa failed to remember there was only one thing saving his ass on all the Abpaymar crimes. That was the shield provided by Attorney-Client privilege.

Investigators determined after reviewing volumes of public record evidence and recently subpoenaed information that Adrienne had been the 100% sole owner. She also was managing member of Abpaymar LLC and was actively involved in all of the ABPAYMAR crimes for well over the last decade.

Investigators proved Adrienne wasn’t just an innocent, stay at home, fake-catholic, soccer mom like Stopa likes to falsely portray in perjured court testimony.

What they didn’t have was Mark Stopa’s direct, indefensible connection to the ABPAYMAR LLC crimes. 

They had a 100% lock on FedeRICO and had highly suspected Stopa was the man behind the curtain but couldn’t prove it.

That is until dumbass Mark Stopa just recently registered himself as the managing member of Abpaymar LLC on and began confessing to being the owner of Abpaymar since 2012.

What A Complete Dumbshit.   

Seriously, how can anyone be so f*cking stupid?   

Editors note:  We had heard unsubstantiated rumors that Stopa’s parents are blood brother and sister and he was the product of incest. If that is true, it would explain why Stopa is so f*cking stupid.  It would also explain a lot of other things.  It would explain why the family moved around so much (to hide the horrible secret) when Stopa was a boy and why Stopa is so mentally deficient and suffers from mental health and anger issues.  It may also explain why he has unequal, down-syndrome like body proportions and suffers from a very rare genetic condition hermaphroditic penile agenesis where he is part male and part female and has no phallus.  It is well established, children of inbreeding and incest have major genetic, physical and mental problems. 

ABPAYMAR LLC’s Fraud On The Court in Duval 21CC-12711

In a new audio recording, Mark Stopa is proxy-confessing to his wife Adrienne’s Abpaymar LLC fraud on the court scheme in Duval County Scam Case #:  21CC-12711.   Stopa is apparently trying to protect her and keep her out of prison for stealing over $175,000 from victim James Shea

Adrienne Federico Mobster Mom Fraud Alert Abpaymar
Adrienne FedeRICO is the Mobster Mom Behind All ABPAYMAR LLC Crimes also received a signed confession & apology from Stopa on behalf of his wife’s Abpaymar LLC to victim James Shea.

James Shea fell victim to the tangled web of lies, deceit and fraud created by Mark Stopa and Adrienne FedeRICO operating under their ABPAYMAR Family RICO Racket.

However, it’s just not Stopa and Federico scamming people. The pair have an army of morally bankrupt attorneys who helped them pull off the scam. Many of whom worked with or out of the now defunct Segal & Schuh Law firm.

The head of the Segal & Schuh snake and now disbarred, Lee Segal, represented defendant Adrienne Federico and ABPAYMAR LLC. Segal pulled in corrupt crime family attorney Jake Blanchard to represent Stopa’s Plaintiff alter ego LP ASSETS LLC

It’s very clear that Mark Stopa and his wife Adrienne Federico are the masterminds of the fraud. Their brazen CRIMINALITY is absolutely stunning. 

In Stopa’s great delusion, he and Federico publicly deny any wrongdoing and then quietly collect the stolen funds.

Shadowy Scammer Stopa Reveals SHOCKING RICO Intimidation Tactics to Silence Whistleblowers with Lawfare

The most shocking aspect of this fraud on the court scam is shadowy scammer Stopa slips up and reveals his RICO intimidation tactics and how he uses “lawfare” to silence whistleblowers who call out his crimes. 

As you can see in this letter filed in the court by the auction victim, Stopa is so enraged about a whistleblower tipping off the victim in advance, that he breaks his convict character and actually contacts the victim offering to HELP HIS VICTIM recover his money IF THE VICTIM HELPS STOPA determine the identity of the whistleblower who tipped him off to Stopa’s fraud.

Who Is The Mysterious Whistleblower?

Hmmm… we wonder who it could have been 😂

But seriously, can you believe this?

Stopa actually offered to give the money back to his victim, IF the victim revealed the identity of the whistleblower.  

If this conduct doesn’t send a chill down your spine and confirm the criminal RACKETEERING nature of Mark Stopa and his Stopa FedeRICO crime family, we don’t know what does.

Like WHY does Stopa want to know the identity of the tipster in this case?


Stopa Likes to File Frivolous Lawfare Lawsuits

Could it be that Stopa wanted the identity in order to weaponize the legal system and file a frivolous LAWFARE lawsuit against the whistleblower in order to SILENCE them from forever speaking out about his crimes ever again?

Don’t think this can happen?  It can and it does with vexatious litigant Mark Stopa.

Stopa is a master at weaponizing the legal system and manipulating clueless judges into going along with his LAWFARE to silence the truth about his crimes.

Just go to Pinellas County and search “Mark Stopa” and you will see all his frivolous lawsuits.   You will also see the incredible family court injunction he duped a hospice bound Judge Helinger into entering for him to silence a world famous blogger from writing about Mark Stopa’s crimes (see  Pinellas County Case 22-8639-FD)

Why Stopa has picked this time to write confessions and record audio confessions to protect his wife Adrienne from all the Abpaymar crimes is anyone’s guess.

Could it be a proactive attempt by Stopa to cop a plea deal from prosecutors? Is he trying to protect Adrienne from serving a lengthy prison sentence with him? After all, those women’s prisons can be more brutal than men’s prisons.

Stopa is facing a life time in prison for his scams and fraud on the court schemes.

The good news is James Shea is working with State and Federal investigators and plans on testifying against Stopa at his upcoming criminal trial later this year.  

Click here to review the full story and click here to read the timeline of Mark Stopa fraud in the James Shea case in Duval County.  Click Here to review the entire Dossier 2.0 of other scams throughout Florida.



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