Mark Stopa Fraud

Mark Stopa Fraud

Human Whoopee Cushion Mark Stopa Is A Deflated Loser

Deflated Human Whoopee Cushion Mark Stopa Has Hit With A Series of Stinging Losses in His Frivolous Lawsuits to Silence the Truth

Mark Stopa has lost. Yes, human whoopee cushion Mark Stopa is deflated. This time, we’re not talking about his tally whacker. For more on that, you’ll need to go talk to his wife, Adrienne Federico.

For years the human whoopee cushion has sought to push a fake narrative. He wants to silence the TRUTH about his sham as a shyster lawyer and con man. How? He files frivolous lawsuits against all his critics.

But he greatly underestimated a few strong souls who would NOT cower to his evil.

Recently, Mark Stopa had his head handed to him in several pending frivolous lawsuits.

Mark Stopa: The Loser Lawyer Who Is A Black Eye To The Legal Profession

whoopee cushion mark stopa
Mark Stopa Is A Loser!

The Judges all but telegraphed to him that he is going to LOSE and lose badly.

Sources say Stopa has been looking DEFLATED at the past few hearings. Stopa has been silent and showing the tears of the sad clown he is.

He said nothing as soon as he realized he had already lost. All that remains for him to do is to pay the attorney fees of his victims who fought back.

This happened because his opponents outsmarted him by playing Star Trek style 5D chess. Stopa, on the other hand was playing kindergarten checkers.

Yes, there is a plan.  There is a strategy.  In his arrogance, he completely underestimated everything and took the bait. He took it every single time.

Stopa was never the “GOAT of foreclosure defense lawyers” like he claims. Why? He’s actually a dumbass.

How he made it through law school or passed the Florida Bar is a miracle.

All of this is so unfortunate.   Mark Stopa’s life could have been so different. However, he sold his soul to Satan when he attended Wake Forest. Now, he’s paying the price.

Human Whoopee Cushion Mark Stopa And His Family Face A Legal Holocaust. Will They Be Able To Endure It?

whoopee cushion mark stopaHis poor children and wife will now have to endure the legal holocaust that is awaiting them.

It will be a very painful PUBLIC process where he is indicted and sent to prison for the rest of his life.

There will be no more holidays. No more birthdays parties and no more Christmas celebrations. There will absolutely, no more vacations.

Stopa will not be a part of his children’s lives anymore. Will his his family be left homeless with his youngest son being placed in foster care?

They will all move on without him and start their own families and have children.

Stopa will be forever deprived of enjoying his later years with grandchildren.

He has made the Stopa name so toxic that his children will continue to use their mother’s maiden name Federico.

Adrienne will move back to Jacksonville to be closer to her old flame Phil Garfinkle. Garfinkle has money and knows how to satisfy a woman. Rumor has it, the Florida AG gave Garfinkle immunity for ratting out Stopa. So, Adrienne will live the life of a princess. That is assuming she doesn’t end up in prison too.

While his family moves on, Mark Stopa will  be forgotten. Lost to time like tears in rain.

Everyone On The Outside Will Forget Mark Stopa As He Hosts Cell Block Mandingo Parties

whoopee cushion mark stopaStopa will be just another number in the correctional system. He will be just another white boy getting ass-raped in a Florida State prison.

No one will care.

Family visits if they happen will slow to a trickle and then completely stop.

He will be all alone.

Most people don’t realize that Stopa is like a little Chihuahua. He’s all bark and no bite. He puts up a tough front but in the end he is a wussy. In other words, he’s part wimp and part pussy.

He cries like a bitch when no one is looking.

Stopa will just give in and accept he’s going to be some guy’s bitch when he gets to prison.  It is easier that way.

Like he did at Wake Forest.

He will rationalize and repeat to himself that, “It’s not so bad. It doesn’t hurt that much. I kind of like it.”

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