Mark Stopa Fraud

Mark Stopa Fraud

psychotic mark stopa

Will Psychotic Mark Stopa Finally Be Declared NUTS?

Pinellas Judge To Hear Motion Compelling Psychotic Mark Stopa To Sit For A Psych Exam

Florida 6th Circuit Judge Michael Andrews may finally be the judge to throw down the hammer on psychotic Mark Stopa. 

For over a decade, the disbarred lawyer has terrorized Florida judges and court personnel.

Stopa uses childish Veruca Salt style temper tantrums and angry unhinged outbursts when he doesn’t get his way.

He also doesn’t have a problem making up lies to get what he wants.

The Florida Supreme Court also listed Stopa’s psychotic behavior as one of the reasons Stopa was disbarred in 2019.

This was done as a result of Judge Allen’s lengthy referee’s report for the Florida Bar of Stopa’s history of sociopathic behavior.

She wrote:

“Respondent (Stopa) clearly has an emotional problem. The Referee finds that this problem may rise to the level of a mental impairment. This potential impairment demonstrates itself in his inability to control his anger and in his exercise of very poor judgment in stressful situations in which he feels he or his client is being wronged by a judge he perceives to be biased. The prior discipline of Respondent in case number SC13-1886 required a mental health evaluation and obtaining any treatment recommended. The Referee was not provided with that prior mental health evaluation.

Respondent’s potential psychological issues, some of which presented during the hearings in this matter, and may include, but are not limited to, narcissism, defensiveness, lack of self-insight, paranoia, and lack of impulse control. Regardless of whether Respondent has a mental impairment, there is no question that Respondent is in need of mental health treatment and, in particular, anger management and impulse control therapy.”

psychotic mark stopa
Victims of Mark Stopa waited in line for hours at the Florida Bar office in Tallahassee to file bar complaints against Mark Stopa from 2013 through 2018.

Stopa’s 3rd and final disciplinary action in 2018 and 2019 as prompted by nearly 50 bar complaints filed against him by homeowners and judges. 

Judge Gallen in Bradenton wrote in his Florida Bar complaint against Stopa:

  • He voluntarily recused himself from any cases involving Plaintiff Stopa due to Stopa’s continual abusive behavior and loud outbursts aimed at the judiciary.
  • He had to have Plaintiff Stopa escorted from the courtroom by Sheriff’s Deputies on several occasions.

The Florida Bar also received a complaint about Stopa from Sarasota Judge Nancy Donnelan. She wrote:

  • At a November 2014 hearing, Stopa acted in a disrespectful, disruptive, and belligerent manner toward Judge Donnellan.
  • Stopa’s behavior was so outlandish that Judge Donnellan ordered Stopa removed from the courtroom.

Emotional Retard Mark Stopa’s History Of Abusive And Violent Behavior

crazy mark stopAnyone who has ever had contact with Mark Stopa has experienced his unhinged and narcissistic behavior.

Stopa behavior goes back over a decade. It first appeared in Judge Victor Musleh’s courtroom in Lake County, Florida back in 2013.

Judge Musleh made a ruling that basically found Stopa and his client had perjured themselves. had filed misleading and perjurious documents with the court. As a result, Judge Musleh wrote in his order that Stopa’s actions and threatened to heavily sanction Stopa.

One thing led to another and then Stopa. Wait we’ll let Judge Musleh decribe what happened next:

Mr. Stopa then launched into an argument regarding the courtroom facilities and the fact that he was denied entrance to the court proceedings prior to being called for the instant case. Prior to calling the case, the undersigned judge and court personnel could hear loud banging on the door outside the conference room where the proceedings were being held and a loud voice demanding entry.

Stopa then falsely accused of Judge Musleh of assaulting him in order to force Judge Musleh to recuse himself from the case. 

After this incident, Stopa found himself in front of a Florida Bar Grievance Committee (Case #SC13-1186). In 2014, the Florida Supreme Court and Stopa’s lawyer, Scott Tozian agreed to a consent agreement that required Stopa to sit for a mental health evaluation. According to Stopa’s Bar file, he never attended the exam. This is in direct violation of a court order from the Florida Supreme Court. 

Man-Child Mark Stopa Keeps Acting Like An Imbecile 

psychotic mark stopa
Mark Stopa Has A Long History Of Child-Like Behavior Including Violent Temper Tantrums In Courtrooms Across Florida

Stopa’s imbecilic behavior of banging on locked court room doors demanding entry has become a pattern of how Stopa conducts himself in public. 

 September 12, 2022, Pinellas Judge Williams had ordered a telephonic hearing in a case Stopa is involved in with a Miami based blogger to hear outstanding motion in a case. However, Stopa took upon himself to show up in in person.

Stopa began knocking on the locked courtroom door. When no one unlocked the door, Stopa began to get angry. He began yelling and violently pounding on the door demanding to be let in.

Soon, terrified court personnel began calling the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Deputies. As in most counties in Florida, the Sheriff’s Department provide security for the building. 

Long story short, Pinellas County Sheriff’s Deputies escorted the dimwitted disbarred lawyer out of the courthouse. You can read about that and see the police report here

It’s Now Up To Judge Michael Andrews To Decide If Stopa Should Sit for A Psych Exam

psychopath mark stopa
Judge Michael Andrews handled the unhinged Mark Stopa with the coolness and poise of Billy Dee Williams

Judge Michael Andrews is no stranger to people who are following the buffoonish antics of Mark Stopa aka the Lionel Hutz of Florida lawyers. 

As you may recall, professional pro-se Stopa was disrespectful to Judge Andrews by telling him to, “Grow A Pair!” in an August 2023 email.

Most people would stop right there. But, not Mark Stopa. Three weeks later, psychopathic Mark Stopa had an epic meltdown in a Florida courtroom last month.

However, this time psychotic Mark Stopa didn’t have a simple temper tantrum or just simply yell at the judge. Instead, he decided to propel his psycho behavior into the Twilight Zone of Nuttiness.    

This time he decided to lunge after Judge Andrews.

Rumor has it among courthouse personnel that Judge Andrews maintained his Billy Dee Williams-style coolness and demeanor throughout the whole incident.

Deputies say Judge Andrews didn’t flinch when unhinged Stopa came within 3 feet of Judge Andrews.

He simply brushed off the psychotic disbarred lawyer’s “menacing” behavior with the ease of a Jedi Master. 

Judge Andrews wrote in his revised ruling on October 5, 2023:

“Plaintiff (Stopa) stood up, yelled at the court, insisting that he be allowed to be heard. His actions were clearly menacing. So much so, the court deputy rose from his chair and hurriedly walked toward the Plaintiff. The court was genuinely concerned that Plaintiff was about to be tackled by ’the deputy. This hearing was held in chambers and at the time Plaintiff was no more than three to four feet from the presiding judge, Plaintiff continued to loudly insist on being heard before the court went. any further. At this point, the court asked the deputy to remove the Plaintiff from chambers. The court then cancelled the rest of the hearing. Based on Plaintiff’s actions in court then cancelled the rest of the hearing. Based on Plaintiff’s actions in court and evidence of his behavior in the email chain, the court revoked Plaintiff’s ability’ to retake the Defendant’s deposition.

After Stopa had his epic meltdown, he tried in vain to have Andrews removed from this case. After Andrews refused, Stopa began bombarding the Florida’s 2nd DCA with petitions and petitions attempting to have Andrews removed from the case. The 2nd DCA kicked Stopa’s petitions to the curb 3 times. Can also follow along with the case here.

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