Mark Stopa Fraud

Mark Stopa Fraud

arrest of mark stopa

Arrest Of Mark Stopa: Gamblers Are Now Weighing In

Experienced Gamblers Are Now Weighing In On The Arrest of Mark Stopa And His Inevitable Conviction

Arrest of Mark StopaLet’s face the facts about retired PT Barnum of foreclosure defense Mark Stopa. The arrest of Mark Stopa is coming soon and he will be in a world of shit.

He can deny it or spin it all he wants. However, the truth is the arrest of Mark Stopa will happen and he will be indicted.

After all, the FDLE criminal investigation into Stopa is an open secret thanks in part to Stopa himself. Besides, judges from the 3rd Circuit to the 6th Circuit all know about his pending arrest.


Arrest of Mark StopaSo, it’s was only a matter of time before the gamblers at the Seminole Hard Rock in Tampa weighed in.

When bookie heads begin popping up and placing bets, it means something is about to go down. 

Does it mean FDLE will raid Stopa’s house and drag him out in his underwear in the next week or two? Who knows. The FDLE investigation into Stopa’s white collar criminal enterprise has been going on since early 2018. However, if the oddsmakers and bookmakers are gearing up, they obviously suspect the arrest of Mark Stopa is coming soon. 

Bookies Predict The Arrest Of Mark Stopa And What Will Happen After.

Arrest of Mark StopaWe spoke with three different oddsmakers for this article. They all have different views on what will happen with Mark Stopa.

The three retired gamblers are in agreement that Stopa will be arrested and indicted.

However, where the three disagree is if Stopa will be convicted and the type of sentence he will receive. 

Right now unconfirmed reports say prosecutors are seeking a maximum prison sentence for Stopa without the possibility of parole.

However, that decision will be up to a Florida judge and jury.


What Jimmy “The Tulip” Rachkowski Thinks:

Arrest of Mark StopaThe first professional gambler up is Jimmy “The Tulip” Rachkowski. Jimmy is a semi-retired oddsmaker from Chicago who has been around since the 1970s.

Jimmy had his fifteen minutes of fame after winning big predicting Leon Spinks would beat Muhammad Ali in a split decision in 1978. 

Coincidently, Jimmy also told us that Stopa stole the house out from under one his relatives. So, he’s very familiar with who Stopa is. 

Jimmy’s ultimate prediction is if the Florida AG wants a conviction and see Stopa go to prison, they better keep him away from firearms and street drugs.

Here Are His Predictions:

  • Odds Police Arrest Stopa: 1:1
  • Odds A Jury Convicts Stopa: 1.25 to 1
  • Odds A Jury Finds Stopa Not Guilty 40:1
  • Odds A Judge Gives Stopa Maximum Sentence: 3:1.
  • Odds Stopa Gets No Prison Time 10:1
  • Odds Stopa Will Unalive Himself If Arrested 2:1
  • Odds Stopa Will Unalive Himself If Convicted 1.5:1

What Kiriakos “The Kraken” Revithis Predicts:

Kiriakos “The Kraken” Revithis is a retired Greek gambler from the island of Serifos.

He was an avid player of Baccarat and loved betting on Formula 1 racing in the 1970s and 1980s. He also retired to Florida to be near his grandchildren. 

Kiriakos’ prediction isn’t as isn’t as unsettling. He also believes Stopa will go to prison. However, he believes Stopa will get by playing jail house lawyer for his cell mates.

Here Are His Predictions:

  • Odds Police Arrest Stopa: 1:1
  • Odds A Jury Convicts Stopa: 1.25 to 1
  • Odds A Jury Finds Stopa Not Guilty 35:1
  • Odds A Judge Gives Stopa The Maximum Sentence: 3:1.
  • Odds Stopa Serves No Prison Time 20:1
  • Odds Stopa Will Unalive Himself If Arrested 10:1
  • Odds Stopa Will Unalive Himself If Convicted 5:1

Finally, Jimmy Fong Weighs In:

Arrest of Mark StopaJimmy Fong was born in Hong Kong. He was known as one of Macau’s famous “God of Gamblers” in the mid to late 1990s due to his winning streaks and ability to continually win at Fan-Tan. Before the Chinese took control of Macau from the Portuguese in 1999, Stanley Ho personally banned Jimmy Fong from the Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino. He retired to Orlando in 2002. 

Like Rachkoweski and Revithis, Fong also believes Stopa will be arrested and charged. However, unlike Rachkowski, who thinks Stopa may become suicidal, Fong’s prediction is Stopa will be in shock for a week or two. However, he will double and triple down on his defenses due to his enormous ego. He may even go as far as firing his attorneys and try to represent himself as a pro-se litigant. If does, Stopa could find himself in prison for 50 years. 

Here Are His Predictions:

  • Odds Police Arrest Stopa: 1:1
  • Odds A Jury Convicts Stopa: 1.35 to 1
  • Odds A Jury Finds Stopa Not Guilty 10:1
  • Odds A Judge Gives Stopa The Maximum Sentence: 4:1.
  • Odds Stopa Serves No Prison Time 15:1
  • Odds Stopa Will Unalive Himself If Arrested 25:1
  • Odds Stopa Will Unalive Himself If Convicted 10:1

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Mark Stopa Fraud Dossier 2.0

Let’s also take a moment of silence to remember the Mark Stopa Victims who lost millions to his scam over the last several months:

Stopa Victims

Over $60 Million STOLEN by Mark Stopa and the Federico Crime Family





This is just a small sample of victims. The Stopa-Federico Crime Family also has dozens of shell companies running the same scam in multiple counties throughout the State of Florida.

Are You A Victim Of One Of The Stopa-Federico Crime Family Real Estate Or Foreclosure Surplus Scams?   

Are you a former Mark Stopa client who lost their home?


Click here to contact FDLE today if you are victim of Mark Stopa or have further details about his scams.  Click here to message the Office of Statewide Prosecutor Direct.  

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