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Mark Stopa Fraud

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Mark Stopa BFF Describes Dating Tween Black Boys

Mark Stopa BFF Bob Tankel Talks About Dating Tween Black Boys. That Was Until It Went Horribly Wrong.

Deep in the bowels of Medium we found an essay written by Mark Stopa BFF Bob Tankel. The scumbag HOA lawyer describes the joy he had on dates with two fatherless African-American tweens. Well, that was until Tankel realized he soon made a huge mistake. After the third date, Tankel learned Big Brothers Big Sisters of Pinellas County was not a local branch of NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association).

Mark Stopa BFF Bob Tankel Talks About The Fun Times He Had Dating His “Little” 

Two years after the charges against him were dropped, Tankel decided to tell his version of events. He wrote an essay on the website Medium. 

In his essay, the scumbag HOA lawyer claims that as a bald middle age white Jewish lawyer it was time for him to help, “Heal The World.”

So, he volunteered with Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

Was he seeking penance for being a scumbag to condo owners over the years? You’ll have to ask him. 

Tankel Meets His “Little.” Is It There A Love Connection?

BBBS assigned a nice 12 year old boy to Tankel. According to Tankel, his “Little” never met his father. Apparently, the boy’s father was doing time in prison.

So Tankel took the boy out to lunch after his soccer game. He then took the boy a pottery store. Hmm, you can draw your own conclusions of a professed middle age straight man taking a kid to a pottery store. Seriously, what masculine straight man takes a boy to a pottery store?

Tankel talks about how his friend talked him into being a Big Brother. However, his friend’s “Little” had some issues according to Tankel:

My friend who helped convince me to be a Big was also a Big, and had his own Little. The child was more troubled than mine, and younger. He was visiting his father in Virginia a few years earlier when the police knocked in the door, shot the dog and busted up the meth lab his Dad had going. He was brought to child protective services for observation. His Mom had to drive 900 miles from Florida to pick him up.

Tankel Goes On Several More Dates With His “Little”

Tankel wrote on Medium:

“So, my friend and I decided to take our Littles to a baseball game, on a sort of “double date.”

The boys touched live manta rays in a tank, ate lots of junk food, moved all around the stadium, and even watched some baseball. On the way home one of them said he had the time of his life.

A few weeks later we met again at dollar night at the Class A team of the Phillies. This time wasn’t so much fun for my friend’s Little. He has a fear, among many others, of lightning and it rained for a bit. He kept bothering us to leave and go play basketball at the Y.

The game progressed and we ended up in a sort of scrum, roughhousing, some might call it. I may have pinched my friend’s Little in the course of it. I instantly knew he was upset but didn’t think much of it.”

Did Mark Stopa BFF Bob Tankel Molest Young Black Boys? Clearwater Police Allege He Did!

Mark Stopa BFFHowever, that is not what the 9-year old boy later told Clearwater Police. The boy told Clearwater Police that Tankel put his down the boy’s pants and began rubbing his genitals. 

Clearwater Police accused Tankel of “rubbing the little boy’s genital area.” 

Tankel admitted what he did in a call to Big Brothers Big Sisters:

“I understand that what I did could possibly be interpreted as inappropriate.”

Tankel admitted giving another boy from Big Brothers Big Sisters a “Purple Nurple”. A Purple Nurple refers to when somebody squeezes someone’s nipples so hard, they bruise.

Tankel was arrested and held without bond.  At Tankel’s hearing, Officer Justin Murray testified that he interviewed the victim. He said the victim told him that Tankel inappropriately touched the boy twice at that baseball game.

The first incident allegedly happened while they were sitting in the stands:

“Bob was sitting next to him,”

Officer Murray also said:

“Bob reached over and rubbed his upper thigh underneath his shorts.”

Murray said the boy told him the second incident happened while they were leaving the stadium He told the court:

“He stood next to Bob. Bob rubbed his penis… with his hand over his clothes.”

Officer Murray also testified that Tankel also, “pinched his butt and it felt like electricity.”

Tankel was acquitted after he and his lawyer, Todd Foster, terrified the little boy into recanting his story.

Tankel Like His BFF Stopa Claims Everybody Is Lying!

The scumbag HOA lawyer claimed the boy and his friend lied. Tankel also claims the whole thing was a mass conspiracy. He claims the kid’s mother conspired with the Clearwater Police and Big Brothers Big Sisters to frame him. Tankel writes:

He (the boy) went home, told his mother some fantastical set of lies. I called BBBS to ask for guidance. My liaison illegally recorded the call. They gave the recording to the police, but lawyered up on me.

The police sent a 2 year cop to interview him where he laid out bizarre tale that mixed fantasy and reality. He couldn’t repeat the same story twice when the state sent an investigator to interview him less than 24 hours later. The “detective” asked me in for an interview and I said I’d be happy to come in with my lawyer. She never called him back before deciding to arrest me for a crime against a minor that carries a life sentence if convicted, a charge that can never be expunged.

My mug shot was on the front page of the paper and it is the #1 result on Google today. I was booked into jail and the State Attorney wanted to keep me in jail without bond until my trial, an extraordinary argument to make, reserved for dangerous people who probably committed the crime accused of beyond a reasonable doubt, and a likely danger to society. The Judge refused and set bail at $100,000.

During the time of the flurry of activity, my picture was all over the media, and not one call came in to the police. Months later, a busker was arrested for child porn and seven people called law enforcement alleging criminal activity on his part with their children. I think it’s called the “Bill Cosby effect.” In my situation, it proved true. An innocent man does not suddenly become a serial sex abuser. -0- calls were made about me.

Nine months and $100,000 in legal and other expenses later, the State Attorney declined to file formal charges against me. That day we held a press conference excoriating the police department for a rush to judgment.

In response the chief media officer and chief of police defended their actions and released the illegal recording as some sort of “evidence” backing them up. They never vetted the tape, from BBBS to the investigating officer to the Chief.

This Isn’t The 1st Time Tankel Got Into Trouble

In 2003, The Florida Bar suspended Tankel’s law license. The Bar initially suspended Tankel from the practice of law for 15 days. However, the Florida Supreme Court later extended his suspension for 18 months.

The Florida Bar accused Tankel of making a false statement to a third party while representing a client and engaging in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation. Now we know why he pals around with Mark Stopa!



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