Mark Stopa Fraud

Mark Stopa Fraud

mark stopa will have

Mark Stopa Will Have To Endure These 4 Realities In Prison

Mark Stopa Will Have To Endure These Four Realities Of Prison Life For An Expected 36+ Years If Convicted Of Multiple Counts Of Racketeering And Fraud

Florida prisons are no joke. They are not like what they show on TV or in the movies. Mark Stopa will have to endure these realities of prison life for an expected 36+ years of incarceration. Once Stopa arrives in one of Florida’s notorious prisons, he won’t have the luxury of drinking Merlot made in a toilet like in the movies. 

Mark Stopa Will Have To Endure Abandonment From His Family 

Mark Stopa Will Have
Mark Stopa’s Family Will Carry On With Their Lives While Stopa Tries Desperately To Survive Alone And Forgotten In Prison.

The worst things that happen in prison happen unnecessarily. Friends and family tend to forget you. They don’t realize you still need them to love you and communicate with you. Most of all, support you. There is no substitute for love and understanding. Sadly, they move on with their lives without you. 

In Mark Stopa’s case he may even be a great-grandfather before he gets released. He’ll neve know about his grandchildren or great-grandchildren until he is released when he he is in his eighties. 

Above all, this one of the other bad things that happen in prison. Why? It is prevalent and also causes the most harm to the largest group of prisoners.

The unfortunate side effect is how it impacts society as a whole. Prison inmates become family to a prisoner cut off from his family. As a result, this leads to high rate of recidivism or post-release suicide.

Inmates experience a complete mental torture every day. This is due feelings of abandonment by their family and friends. Most human beings could never cope with this level of empathy. Especially at the level the individual who experiences it.

After his release around 2060 AD, will a very lonely Mark Stopa end up scrawling “Stopa Was Here” on a rafter of a Tampa area halfway house? Then proceed to do what Brooks did in the Shawshank Redemption?

The Reality Of Physical Assault 

The Florida prison system is very oppressive. Florida staffs it’s prison with non-professional professionals and it is only getting worse. Since becoming governor, Governor DeSantis and the Florida legislature have cut the budget of the courts, law enforcement and prison budgets by 30%. 

Will Stopa Survive Prison Anarchy?

Mark Stopa Will Have
Odds Makers At The Seminole Hard Rock Are Betting Stopa Becomes A Prison Snitch.

The staff typically introduces the majority of “drama” into the system. This leads to prisoners creating havoc and mayhem on their own. Why? Because of the sheer boredom of prison life. However, they are not the only ones suffering boredom. Bored prison staff tend to make matters worse on a regular basis.

Florida prisons tend to be made up of people who have done some really stupid thing or made poor lifestyle choice once or twice in their life. They are mixed in with some really evil people who deserve prison or even death row.

Both groups are forced to live in close proximity together. Now add mentally ill people and the criminally violent into the mix. What does this create? Physical assault.

Physical assault in prison can and does result in death on a regular basis. Savvy Florida prison officials know how to sweep these deaths under the rug. 

Physical assault in prison usually targets perpetrators of crimes against children and members of rival gangs. However, the worst assaults happen to the prisoners who snitch on others. Both guards and inmates target Snitches. 

There was one incident a few years ago when an Internal Affairs officer entered the dorm and pointed to a person. He then told the entire dorm that the individual was a prison snitch. Consequently, inmates beat the guy to the point to making him a paraplegic.

Mark Stopa Will Have To Endure Possible Sexual Assault

Mark Stopa Will Have
Mark Stopa’s Future Roommate 

This is one subject has written about previously. Prison inmates will target Mark Stopa as soon as he gets off the bus in the prison yard.

The media tends to play up prison rape. However, they do happen. A prisoner who gets raped has put himself in a position of extreme compromise.

The victim usually has accumulated prison debts he can’t pay or likes to run his mouth. You know, like Mark Stopa.

Bored Florida prisoners like to gossip.

Guess what they talk about? The sexuality of new white inmates like Mark Stopa. So, if you add these two things together, guess how those debts get paid. That’s right. Shower room bukkake circles and Mandingo parties.

As one former inmate now living in Ft. Lauderdale told

“Don’t gamble, do drugs you can’t afford, or snitch on people much bigger than you. Bad things will happen if you cozy up to and spend time with men who are openly known as predators.”


mark stopa will haveMost Florida prisoners do not have any source of income. As a result, the state of Florida does not provide enough hygiene supplies or food of sufficient quality for you to get by on.

Therefore, it is not unusual for prisoners to engage in several rackets to produce income for themselves. They usually will resort to smuggling and dealing drugs.

In some case resort to procuring tobacco and cell phones,. However, these the less harmful hustles prisoners engage in.

Mark Stopa’s Family More Than Likely Be Victims Of Extortion 

mark stopa's relatives will be targeted by Extortionists
Will Prison Inmates Call Mark Stopa’s Distressed Relatives Trying To Extort Money From Them In Exchange For His Safety?

The truly evil inmates resort to extortion. These inmates are large enough to intimidate prisoners that have ample funds.

Mark Stopa makes a perfect target. Why? He’s always bragging about how much money he makes from his various scams. It’s highly likely he’ll continue doing this in prison. 

They target guys wealthy white suburbanites like Mark Stopa and their families. Inmates like Stopa do not have strong gang affiliations to protect them. So they will extort money from Stopa and his family members on the outside.

Extortionists are typically part of a larger gang and tend to target the wealthy prisoners who are weak or feeble.

Former Florida inmates say they saw several victims being forced to turn over money, bank accounts and titles to homes to other inmates.

In addition, victims are forced to beg for tens of thousands of dollars from their wives, parents, and associates for protection money.

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