Mark Stopa Fraud

Mark Stopa Fraud

Stopa Consigliere Lee Segal

Stopa Consigliere Lee Segal Taken Down

Stopa Consigliere Lee Segal Stripped of His Law License for Perpetrating Multiple Frauds on the Court with Unindicted Fraudster And  Disbarred Attorney Mark Stopa

Stopa Consigliere Lee SegalTick Tock… the time is now.

The dominoes are starting to fall as Stopa Consigliere Lee Segal is taken down.

It appears its the beginning of the end for Mark Stopa. The first of a long line of corrupt Stopa Federico Crime Family Attorneys has been taken down.

Lee Segal was stripped of his law license by the Florida Supreme Court for colluding with disbarred criminal Attorney Mark Stopa to perpetrate multiple frauds on the court. 

Segal’s future as a lawyer is effectively now over thanks to Mark Stopa.

Mark Stopa was disbarred for equity skimming and fraud in 2019. In addition to stealing the homes of hundreds of his own clients.

Lee Segal and Jill Schuh Also Let Stopa Have Free Use Of Their Paralegals And Support Staff To Play Lawyer

After his disbarment, Segal and his law partner Jill Schuh gave Stopa a job as a “paralegal” in their law office.

At the time, Segal & Schuh was a struggling law firm doing small-ball, traffic ticket legal cases. They needed a criminal mastermind like Stopa to come in and reboot the practice to start stealing millions of dollars by manipulating the court system.

They even gave Stopa the run of the place and let him illegally practice law in their office despite him being disbarred. 

After setting up shop at Segal & Schuh, Stopa hit the ground running. Stopa recruited and personally directed an organized crime cabal of corrupt attorneys to do his criminal scheme to perpetrate frauds on the court in order to steal millions of dollars through foreclosure surplus scams.

Mark Stopa and his “mobster-mom” wife, Adrienne Federico were the ringleaders of the entire scheme. Now, the entire Stopa Federico crime family is currently the subject of a wide-ranging criminal investigation by the FDLE and FBI.

It is reported that Segal literally had a heart attack and subsequent stroke from the investigation. Segal reportedly collapsed due to the shock of being served with subpoenas and search warrants. Rumors are swirling that Segal was offered a deal to save his own ass by testifying against Stopa. Friends say drool cup Segal is now in hiding. He’s terrified of being “Cozzied” by Stopa’s Cuban hitmen from Miami.

Stopa Tries to Reinvent His Old Quiet Title Scam And Stopa Consigliere Lee Segal Pays The Price

Stopa Consigliere Lee Segal
Stopa is Trying to Reinvent His Old Quiet Title Scam

The Florida Bar took Stopa Consigliere Lee Segal down for running a rebooted version of Mark Stopa’s old quiet title scam.

Over the last decade, Mark Stopa defrauded dozens of federally insured mortgage lenders and pocketed tens of millions of dollars by stripping valid mortgage liens from real estate across Florida.

Stopa did this by TRICKING Mortgage Lenders. He filed frivolous Quiet Title complaints in such a way as to trick the mortgage lender into not answering so he could WIN BY DEFAULT aka “WINFAULT”.

It is worth pointing out that Mark Stopa never won a single Quiet Title case on the merits.

If you research the case dockets, you will also discover that 100% of his Quiet Title wins were by default where the mortgage lender never answered. This is the SCAM.   Trick the mortgage lender into not answering and win by default.

The sum of Stopa’s entire legal career involved trickery and fraud. Stopa is actually not that smart and is famous for creating fantastical legal arguments that were so convoluted, confusing and crazy that he could never hope to win on the merits. So, he always had to employ some means of trickery, deception or grand distraction to drag the case out hoping to win by default or settlement.

Another Stopa Abpaymar LLC Scam:  Pasco County 20CA-1437

Yet Another Stopa Federico Abpaymar Scam

After the Bartram ruling eliminated the statute of limitations on accelerated mortgage debt in 2016, Stopa’s grand Quiet Title scam strategy came to an end. So he attempted to retool the scam by suing mortgage lenders for fraud.

Stopa recruited Lee Segal to start suing mortgage lenders like Deutsche Bank for fraud.  Together, they colluded with an army of process servers to improperly “serve” the lender. This was done to ensure the lender had no knowledge of the lawsuit and would never answer.

In this way, Stopa would once again WIN BY DEFAULT.

Stopa used Segal as a proxy patsy. He knew he would eventually get caught and Segal was too stupid to realize he was being setup.    The Florida Bar took Segal down for running yet another Abpaymar scam for Mark Stopa and Adrienne Federico. This time in Pasco County (see Pasco County Case # 20CA-1437).   

Segal sued Deutsch Bank on behalf of Abpaymar in June 2020 and had Deutsche Bank (improperly) “served” and received a default on August 11, 2020.

Segal filed a motion for summary judgment on August 12, 2020. He was seeking the entry of a default judgment in the amount of $511,500.

Do you see how the scam works? Win over $511,000 by perpetrating a fraud on the court. 

Fortunately, during a telephonic hearing on September 11, 2020, the judge became very suspicious. As a result, he also questioned Segal about the improper service.  Segal was reportedly very nervous and evasive with the Judge.

The judge sensed something was very wrong with Segal’s responses. Consequently, the judge denied the motion for summary judgment and referred the case to the Florida Bar. Segal, in a desperate gambit to save his ass, immediately dismissed the entire case the very same day.

Stopa and Segal Steal Over $30 Million in Default “WINFAULT” Judgments Against Deutsche Bank through Improper Service

Mark Stopa’s Newest Best Seller

Over the last few years, the Stopa Federico Crime Family won over $30 Million in default “WINFAULT” judgments against Deutsche Bank alone.

Let that sink in…

$30 MILLION DOLLARS STOLEN through default judgments obtained by filing frivolous frauds on the court with improper service.

Deutsche Bank never answered because they were never properly served and didn’t even know about the frivolous Stopa crime family lawsuits.

However, by the time Deutsche Bank discovered all the fraud, it was too late.

Deutsche Bank also attempted to quash service of process and vacate the clerk’s default. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful.

Stopa also employed attorney Darleen Depoalo to assist Segal in the scam.  Mark Stopa is a modern day white collar bank robber manipulating the court system to steal millions. 

Together with their foreclosure surplus scams, it is estimated the Stopa Federico Crime Family has also stolen well over $50 Million dollars by filing frivolous frauds on the court against federally insured mortgage lenders.

So if your popcorn is getting a bit cold and you’re wondering WHY it is taking the FDLE and FEDS so long to bring down the justice. This is why.

This is a massive organized crime family operation encompassing tens of millions of dollars in fraud.

All orchestrated by Mark Stopa and Adrienne Federico.

Stopa Consigliere Lee Segal Pleaded Guilty And Is Stripped of His Law License

Stopa Consigliere Lee Segal

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Let’s also take a moment of silence to remember the Mark Stopa Victims who lost millions to his scam over the last several months:

Over $50 Million STOLEN by Mark Stopa and the Federico Crime Family





This is just a small sample of victims. The Stopa-Federico Crime Family also has dozens of shell companies running the same scam in multiple counties throughout the State of Florida.

Are You A Victim Of One Of The Stopa-Federico Crime Family Real Estate Or Foreclosure Surplus Scams?   

Are you a former Mark Stopa client who lost their home?  


Click here to contact FDLE today if you are victim of Mark Stopa or have further details about his scams. 

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