Mark Stopa Fraud

Mark Stopa Fraud

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Another Mark Stopa Confession: The Family Of Russell Layton


Parishioners Say Stopa Spent Hours Confessing Ripping Off Elderly Client Russell Layton.  He Then Threatened to Sue the Pastor for Civil Neglect When He Refused to Provide Final Absolution

Wow, Mark Stopa is on a Confession roll! Yep, has received another Mark Stopa confession! Folks, you’re not going to believe this one!

In yet ANOTHER audio recording, Mark Stopa appears to confess to STEALING the home of his NOW DECEASED elderly foreclosure defense client Russell Layton (RIP).

Plus, Stopa skimmed over $400,000 in rent and surplus equity from Mr. Layton. Yes, Stopa stole money from an elderly client. To make matters worse, Stopa showed no remorse when he did it. Family friends say even bragged about what he did to this kindly senior citizen. also received a signed confession & apology from Stopa to deceased client Russell Layton (RIP).

How Stopa Scammed Mr. Layton And Orsola Angelino

Scumbag Mark StopaIn 2014, Russell Layton had just lost his wife and was having extreme money troubles. The bank just filed foreclosure. So he hired the “famous” Mark Stopa to help him save his home. It was only a matter of time before the devil tongued fraudster showed his true colors.

Stopa convinced Layton to deed his home over to Stopa’s alter ego shell company Quest Systems LLC.

After kicking Layton out on the street, Stopa skimmed the rents on Layton’s home for over 8 years.

Stopa stole over $400,000 in rent and surplus equity on 4837 Eagle Cove Blvd., Palm Harbor, FL 34685. However, that was before he orchestrated a final foreclosure surplus scam. In that scam, he stole over $106,100 from Orsola Angelino.

Stopa tricked Orsola Angelino into overbidding on the second lien as part of the Stopa Federico crime family fraud on the court trap (see Pinellas cased 14-3018-CI and 22-3018-CO).   

Stopa Isn’t Acting Alone! He Also Has Help From His Wife And Crooked Lawyers

Russell Layton fell victim of the tangled web of lies, deceit and fraud created by Mark Stopa. However, it’s just not Stopa scamming people. Stopa has his “mobster mom” wife Adrienne Federico involved as well.

Additionally, Stopa and Federico have an army of morally bankrupt attorneys who helped Stopa pull off the scam. Many of whom worked with or out of the now defunct Segal & Schuh Law firm.

Mark Stopa Scam Alert Russell Layton
Mark Stopa Caused the Early Death of His Former Foreclosure Defense Client Russell Layton

The head of the Segal & Schuh snake and now disbarred, Lee Segal, recruited corrupt crime family attorney Randall Reder to represent Mark Stopa’s alter ego shell company QUEST SYSTEMS LLC.   Crime family attorney Carla Turner-Hahn was pulled in to represent Stopa’s alter ego plaintiff company “UNI TRUSTEE SERVICES LLC”   

It’s clear that Mark Stopa and his wife Adrienne Federico are the masterminds of the fraud. Their brazen CRIMINALITY is stunning. 

In his great delusion, Stopa denies any wrongdoing and then quietly skims over $400,000 that should have been paid to struggling senior citizen Russell Layton.  All the stress from being scammed ultimately caused an early death for Mark Stopa foreclosure defense client Russell Layton.

Thankfully, Stopa’s day of reckoning is coming soon! 

Why Is Stopa Confessing To His Sins?

Why Stopa has picked this time to write confessions and record audio confessions is anyone’s guess.

It could be a proactive attempt by Stopa to cop a plea deal from prosecutors or protect Adrienne from serving a life sentence in a women’s prison. Word around law enforcement is those women’s prisons can be more brutal than men’s prisons.

Stopa is facing a life time in prison for his scams and fraud on the court schemes.

Click here to review the timeline of Mark Stopa fraud in the Russell Layton case in Pinellas County.  Click Here to review the entire Dossier 2.0 of other scams throughout Florida.

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