Mark Stopa Fraud

Mark Stopa Fraud

more mark stopa confessions

More Mark Stopa Confessions: This Time, He Ripped Off A Doctor


mark stopa confessionOne thing is very clear — Mark Stopa is a serial scammer. So, as it turns out, we have more Mark Stopa confessions. 

Stopa has literally ripped off thousands of victims over the years. He is now confessing to all of his crimes as the feds and FDLE close in on him.

But is it too late? Stopa is on the verge of receiving a lifetime of human booster shots from a brother named Tyrese. Or worse, being the center of interracial shower room Bukkake Circle.    

In yet another stunning audio recording, Mark Stopa appears to confess to stealing over $205,000 from Dr. Tom Nguyen. Nguyen is a prominent California Doctor. also received a signed confession & apology from Stopa to Dr. Tom Nguyen.

Stopa had stolen $205,100 from the Doctor in a fraud on the court scheme in the auction of 611 Valencia Park Dr. in Seffner, Florida. (see Hillsborough County Case # 22CC-512).

Dr. Nguyen fell victim of the tangled web of lies, deceit and fraud created by Mark Stopa. However, it’s just not Stopa scamming people. Stopa has his “mobster mom” wife Adrienne Federico involved as well. Additionally, Stopa and Federico have an army of morally bankrupt attorneys who helped Stopa pull off the scam. Many of whom worked with or out of the now defunct Segal & Schuh Law firm.

Stopa Consigliere Lee SegalThe head of the Segal & Schuh snake and now disbarred, Lee Segal, represented Stopa’s alter ego Uni Trustee Services LLC. Stopa pulled in his pal attorney Jake Blanchard to represent Stopa’s alter ego plaintiff company “Pay Your Mortgage LLC.”   

It’s clear that Mark Stopa and his wife Adrienne Federico are the masterminds of the fraud. Their brazen CRIMINALITY is absolutely stunning. 

In his great delusion, Stopa denies any wrongdoing and then quietly collects the illicit funds.


How the Scam Worked

If you dig a bit deeper into the history of this property, you will learn this home was originally owned by one of Mark Stopa’s foreclosure defense clients Earnest and Stacey Glisson (WOW! What a surprise)

In 2015, the Glissons hired Mark Stopa to defend their mortgage foreclosure in Hillsborough County Case 15CA-7396. The Florida Bar forced Stopa to withdraw from the case after they suspended his law license in 2018. So, he handed the case to his crime family capo Lee Segal. Segal then took over defending the case for the Glissons. 

Lee Segal had full knowledge the first mortgage was owed over $461,000. Yet, he conspired with Stopa as part of Stopa’s fraud on the court scheme to ripoff Dr. Nguyen.

On January 5, 2022, Stopa and Segal conspired to fraudulently induce the Glissons to deed their home over to Stopa’s alter ego shell company UNI TRUSTEE SERVICES LLC.   

Attorney Blanchard files Fraud on the Court Scheme in Hillsborough 22CC-512

The same day, Segal pulled in corrupt crime family attorney Jake Blanchard to file the fraud on the court  alleging Uni Trustee Services owed Pay Your Mortgage LLC money and didn’t pay. The two attorneys colluded together and stipulated to an AGREED ORDER of foreclosure being entered against Stopa’s Uni Trustee Services LLC so they could get the property to foreclosure auction BEFORE the first mortgage

The property went to foreclosure sale and Dr. Nguyen paid $205,100 as the high bidder on a negative equity property worth just $400,000 where the senior mortgage was owed over $461,000.

Stopa and his corrupt, co-conspirator wife Adrienne Federico pocketed the surplus and Dr. Nguyen was left holding the title, having lost over $205,000 on a worthless, negative equity property.

This is a premeditated, highly orchestrated organized scheme to defraud perpetrated by Mark Stopa, Lee Segal and Attorney Jake Blanchard to steal over $205,000 from Dr. Nguyen.  

Why Is Stopa Confessing To His Sins?

Why Stopa has picked this time to write confessions and record audio confessions is anyone’s guess.

It could be a proactive attempt by Stopa to cop a plea deal from prosecutors or protect Adrienne from serving a lengthy prison sentence with him. Those women’s prisons can be more brutal than men’s prisons.

Stopa is also facing a life time in prison for his scams and fraud on the court schemes.

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