Mark Stopa Fraud

Mark Stopa Fraud

Judge Anthony Rondolino Bromance

Judge Anthony Rondolino Bromance Exposed With Fraudster

Judge Anthony Rondolino Bromance Exposed With Disbarred Real Estate Fraudster Mark Stopa 

Judge Anthony Rondolino BromanceDisbarred lawyer and real estate fraudster Mark Stopa likes to brag about palling around with and to a certain extent his bromance with 6th Circuit Judge Anthony Rondolino. But is it true? Is it more than a bromance? Now, Judge Anthony Rondolino exposed having a relationship with a known real estate fraudster?

The way judges in the 6th Circuit behave and treat Mark Stopa, it very well could be. Besides, Stopa isn’t shy about shouting, “Judge Rondolino is my bitch!” every chance he gets. 

Stopa often bragged about his relationship with Rondolino even before his office got raided in August of 2018.

Former Stopa associates say Stopa often bragged about being golfing buddies with Judge Rondolino. However, these former employees of Stopa’s law firm don’t recall ever seeing Stopa play golf or having a golf course membership.

They say all he ever talked about was his fantasy football league. Employees also say he would also often boast about his sexual liaisons with foreclosure mill attorneys he was fighting in court. 

However, they say they found his stories of sexual liaisons hard to believe. They said Stopa was actually the type of guy who had Friday date nights with Miss Michigan when he his wife were on the outs.

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