Mark Stopa Fraud

Mark Stopa Fraud

pinellas county judge jack helinger

Pinellas County Judge Jack Helinger Is Crooked Claims Mark Stopa

Disbarred Lawyer Mark Stopa Calls For The FBI To Investigate “Crooked” Pinellas County Judge Jack Helinger

Pinellas County Judge Jack HelingerMentally challenged disbarred lawyer Mark Stopa issued a press release promoting his book, People v Money. Stopa’s press release is filled with his typical delusions of grandeur. Stopa filled filled the press release with his typical false claims of being the greatest foreclosure lawyer whoever walked the planet. Oh, and let’s not forget his claims of being railroaded by corrupt Pinellas County judges. 

As a result of all this, Stopa began having messianic fantasies of being a white Jesus and the second coming of Christ. After his disbarment in 2019, he decided he was going to create a movement. A grassroots movement to rid the world of political and judicial corruption starting in Florida.

The Stopa Cult

However, Stopa’s grandiose delusions of people worshipping him like Kim Jung Un never came to pass. Stopa as his “movement” only consisted of a about a dozen Kool-Aid drinkers. Stopa’s Kool-Aid drinkers also had a grudge against their bank and the courts. It appears these distressed homeowners thought they were entitled to a free house. Why? Because they stopped making their mortgage payments. Where did they get this wacky idea? Mark Stopa! Stopa fed his desperate clients fantasies after fantasies that he could get them a free house. All while pocketing their money every month for attorney fees when he did nothing

You see many of Stopa’s post-disbarment followers were a handful of delusional former clients of Stopa’s law firm. They refused to believe Stopa bamboozled them. Instead, they drank more of the Stopa Kool-Aid and helped him promote his book.  

In other words, Stopa’s Astro turf campaign to re-invent himself failed miserably. According to Amazon, Stopa’s book was also a miserable failure. Stopa only sold a meager 174 copies. Hardly the international best seller Stopa claimed it was. 

Stopa is also under three criminal racketeering investigations. FDLE has two open investigations and the FBI has one.

Stopa Demands The FBI Investigate Pinellas County Judge Jack Helinger And Other Judges For Public Corruption

Judge Jack HelingerStopa writes in his rambling press release that financial institutions “joined forces with the corrupt officials.”

Who were these corrupt officials and what was their goal?

Stopa claims that these “corrupt officials” consisted of about 100 members of the Florida Judiciary.

Stopa’s conspiracy list includes judges from the Florida Supreme Court all they way down to dozens of county and circuit court judges including Judge Jack Helinger. Apparently, Stopa has a beef with a lot of judges. Even judges that have never heard his cases. 

Stopa alleges these judges including Judge Helinger conspired to create a false narrative false about him. The purpose of this was to create an all-out assault on his reputation, career, and freedom.  Stopa also claims Helinger and others tired to silence him to conceal their public corruption and misdeeds. Thus, violating their oath of office. 

Stopa also states he has proof that Judge Helinger has violated his oath of office:

The evidence is undeniable. Much of it is based on the judges’ own financial disclosures. On behalf of all Americans, I ask that the FBI, DOJ, and SEC take appropriate actions against those government officials who abused their positions of power and breached the public’s trust.  

Ironically, Stopa also makes the same allegation against 6th Circuit Judge Anthony Rondolino. This is really bizarre considering Stopa claims to have a BFF relationship with him.

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