Mark Stopa Fraud

Mark Stopa Fraud

Mark stopa RICO

Mark Stopa RICO Copycat Gets 18 Years In The Slammer

Court Sentences Mark Stopa RICO Copycat To 18 Years In Prison for Stealing a Total of $1 Million Dollars from 100 Victims! Will Law Enforcement Bust Stopa Next? 

mark stopa
Compulsive Masturbator And Scammer Mark Stopa is Facing Life in Prison

Unlicensed pool company contractor and Mark Stopa RICO Copycat, Ricardo Villarroel Duerto was just sentenced to 18 years in prison. A Florida court found him guilty of defrauding a 100 Florida homeowners out of a total of $1 Million.

Therefore, Mark Stopa needs to pay close attention to this as he is currently being investigated for the same exact type of crime:

Racketeering, Conspiracy & Organized Scheme to Defraud.

The AG’s office is slowly taking out all the fraudster bad guys in Florida.

Is Mark Stopa Next?

Mark Stopa Dossier 2.0Is Mark Stopa next? Wethinks he is. Tick Tock, Tick Tock!

Also, word on the street is his day is coming soon! Yes, very soon!

Courts usually impose18 years in prison for every million dollars scammed by white collar criminals. This means Mark Stopa is absolutely screwed.

Stopa’s reign of terror has been going on for decades.

First, as a foreclosure defense attorney. Now, as a vexatious litigant Pro Se scammer for the past five years.

Over his criminal career, Mark Stopa has defrauded THOUSANDS OF VICTIMS out of an estimated total of over $60 Million Dollars.

Let That Sink In A Moment…

Mark Stopa Adrienne Federico Crime FamilyIn addition, the list of Stopa’s victims also includes all of his law firm clients.

Stopa’s clients either lost their homes to his deed scam or Stopa’s grotesque incompetence as a lawyer.

Victims also include countless victims of his foreclosure surplus scam as well as a few dozen federally insured mortgage lenders.

Yet, the largest victim was Deutsche Bank. Stopa and his crew  and scumbag attorneys stole over $30 million from them in what they have called an “Egregious Scam.”

All orchestrated by Mark Stopa operating through his now defunct proxy law firm Segal & Schuh.

Former Federal Prosecutor Says Mark Stopa Will Get Life in Prison for His Crimes

Mark Stopa, his mobster mom wife Adrienne Federico and a dozen crime family attorneys are all being investigated. State and Federal authorities all want to put Stopa in jail for racketeering and running a very sophisticated Organized Scheme to Defraud.

Sound familiar?   This is what got the pool guy 18 years.

“THE Depth and Volume Of The Crimes Is Breathtaking”

Mark Stopa 80 Years Old
AI Rendering of Mark Stopa at 80 Years of Age When He is Finally Released From Prison (if he doesn’t unalive himself first)

A former federal prosecutor with knowledge of the investigation believes Mark Stopa will effectively serve LIFE in prison.

The former prosecutor also said Stopa is not just fighting State charges. The feds are also building a case against Stopa for defrauding federally insured mortgage lenders.

So, the final sentencing will also be more than double the severity.

The Feds don’t F*ck around.

“Even with the best plea deal, Stopa is looking at multiple DECADES in prison.  While it won’t be a life sentence per se…  he will effectively spend the rest of his natural life in prison – not getting out until he is a very old man.”   

– Anonymous former federal prosecutor

K A R M A is a bitch isn’t it Mark?

You paying attention yet?

You should be…

Your show is about to begin.

😂 😂 😂

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